Avoid the drama with “ANTIDRAMA IN MOM”, it mens “NO DRAMA AT TITS”. A “jota” to prevent breast cancer.
*Jota is a traditional spanish dance.

A “jota” not to dramatize the theme which caught on time is rare that it would be serious.

A collaboration with Teta&Teta for the awareness of self-exploration on the day of breast cancer.

Texts: Molaría and Sara Cpg
Illustration and infographic: Ana Cuna

So that you see it and remember, especially about you. One jot for that 70% of women who never self-explore.

Once a month, after the menstruation, touch your tits, look for abnormalities and if you find any please ask for an appointment with your doctor.

Don’t be afraid please! Because 98% of the cases of breast cancer detected in time are ok.

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